About us

We specialize in workplace health and safety as well as the rental of personnel specifically trained to meet your requirements.

We offer specialized training designed and presented by our experts to suit your needs.


Offer highly qualified human resources to help our clients develop healthy and safe working conditions.


Develop, train, and support organizations by offering services adapted to their needs.


Social responsibility, integrity, transparency, security, environment

Our team of experts

Maxime Fugère

Cofounder and consultant

Maxime holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration (UQAT) and a certificate in health and safety, as well as a specialized graduate diploma (DESS) in human resources management from the Université du Québec in Rimouski.

Since 2012, he has been supervising training programs and responsible for the workplace health and safety management of many large companies in the mining industry in the province of Quebec and in the Nunavut territory.

He has thus developed expertise in the prevention and management of workplace accidents as well as training management.

His university cursus and his professional experience have been key to his path towards becoming the CEO and co-founder of Ressources FL.

Paulin Labrèche


Holding a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a CPA accounting designation from the University of Sherbrooke, Paulin gathered great experience working in the mining industry since 2010.

Since his beginnings in finance in Rouyn-Noranda, he spent six years in Europe specializing in commodity trading before going to Asia to take charge of business development and supervision of industrial sites.

Paulin is now back in North America since 2022, where he is responsible for the commercial / trading of raw materials and by-products, this for a pioneering group in the mining sector.

As a co-founder of Ressources FL, he mainly handles commercial strategy and business development of the company.

Hélène Blackburn

Absenteeism management consultant

With a bachelor’s degree in social work and a certificate in psychology, Hélène is a seasoned specialist in the management of absenteeism files, i.e. disability, compensation (CNESST) and organizational policies on the management of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

She spent fifteen years with the CNESST as a rehabilitation consultant and sixteen years in the private sector as a health department supervisor.

Her academic background and thirty plus years of professional experience are essential assets for Ressources FL and all our clients.

At Ressources FL, Hélène acts as a consultant specializing in absenteeism management.