What we offer

Ressources FL offers a wide variety of services to help you reach your goals, including training, audits, absenteeism management, investigations, labor rentals as well as workplace health and safety management.

Our team of qualified experts is dedicated to providing innovative and efficient solutions to satisfy all your needs.

Specialized training

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Our trainings

Our health and safety experts offer courses on multiple subjects, all of which will be adapted to your particular needs and requirements. Here are a few examples:

  • Procedures surrounding critical risk factors
  • Absenteeism management
  • Risk analysis
  • Investigations and analysis
  • Managing the Interfoces software and presenting on-line courses

Absenteeism management

Our absenteeism management services ensure each case is handled with care and that every detail is considered to find the appropriate measures to put in place to reduce the impact on your organization.

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Process by which a person receives financial compensation for a loss, injury or damages suffered. Management of your workplace accident case files to reduce your CNESST contribution costs.

State of health significantly limiting the capacity of a person to accomplish daily activities or tasks at work

Management of your drug or alcohol-related cases.